Institute DUENE

The scientific non-profit association "Institute of sustainable development of landscapes of the earth" (German: Institut für Dauerhaft Umweltgerechte Entwicklung von Naturräumen der Erde e.V. - DUENE), was founded on May 13th, 1999 by mostly past and present staff members of the Botanical Institute. The managing committee consists of Dr. Manthey (Chair, Landscape Ecology) Professor Dr. Joosten (Peatland Studies and Palaeoecology), Dr. Rühs (Landscape Economy) and Mr. Schäfer (Landscape Economy). The Managing Director is Dr. Wichtmann (Landscape Economy, Peatland Studies). The main objective of DUENE is to support the sustainable development of landscapes by means of

  • landscape ecological research,
  • scientific research on revitalization and sustainable use of landscapes,
  • dissemination of scientific information,
  • coordination of active participation in scientific research,
  • planning and execution of measures for improving habitats for threatened species,
  • improvement of quality of ground and surface water and restoration of de-graded habitats.

Current research focuses on questions regarding economy of paludiclitures, and productivity and usability of wetland plants. Other activities are concerned with the im-provement and restoration of stressed and degraded sites under nature conservation as-pects, as well as planning and execution of measures for improving habitats for threatened species. DUENE shares expertise and knowledge through professional training courses. Topics range from peatland restoration and peat soil characterisation to the application of the "vegetation form" concept (German: Vegetationsformen­konzept), a tool to understand the relationship between site ecological parameters and vegetation . DUENE members are involved in the delivery of the lecture programme at the Institute for Botany and Landscape Ecology.